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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mother on the Run: Cheribundi: How Do I Test Thee?

Mother on the Run: Cheribundi: How Do I Test Thee?: First...a heads up.  I have a 12-pack of Cheribundi at home right now, and I'll be testing it...will report back...and will offer a 12-pack...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NWM Marathon - San Francisco

I reached one of my ulimate goals a few weeks ago.  I wogged (walk/jog) in the NWM marathon in San Francisco.  It was such an amazing experience!!  It was such a beautiful view the hills were so hard but made me feel so alive.  I joined a team, Team Victorious.  Team V has been a great support for me and helped me see that we can join together for a great cause. 

This run was a goal but at the same time it was a run in memory of my dad.  I really felt like he was there with me.  I pushed thru those hills like they were nothing and in town I was huffing and puffing to make it, when we were just walking around to look at the town.  I felt so full of energy and so proud to be there, I knew it was even bigger than me. 

I'm glad we had the opportunity to go and was glad to do it for my dad and being part of such an AWESOME team!!!  Team V you will be part of my life from this point forward.  Thank you!!

My hubby was so supportive!!! 

Kage 4th Birthday

Our Kagie turned 4 this year.  He is so big and finally going to the potty.  It has been a solid month and he has had no accidents.  When his B-day came and gone and he wouldn't go to the bathroom, I just knew we where doomed.  He told us he was our baby and he didn't need to go to the bathroom. 

A few weeks later he decided he didn't like being the baby anymore and decided he needed to be a big boy.  And then potty time started!!!  It was such an exciting day and moment in our lives!!!  But a small piece of me is sad to know that he is growing up too fast.  He is the last of many things.  I love my boys with all my heart and I hope they will always know that they are my whole world!

Happy Birthday to both my boys!!
They were both September babies but my oldest is to old for B-day parties!! :(


Sunday, September 9, 2012

15enera - Brizzette

My niece Brizzette had her 15enera and she looked beautiful.  She had a really good time and I am so proud of her.  She has a pure heart and I hope she continues to be her.  She might be a little blonde sometimes (haha) but she is a great kid.  Brizzette always be you!!

Birthday Girl!!!

Chalo, me, Brizzette, & Victor

Adrain and Brizzette

Dancing with her Uncle Robert 

Salazar Family

Porras Family reunion

We had an opportunity to get most of the Porras family together in July.  It was so nice to see some of our family that we have not seen in a really really long time.  Our family is growing so much and it is so nice to know that the Porras name will not die anytime soon.  Love all you guys very much and hope to do it again soon!!
Of course there was drama but what family doesn't have some drama!!  But everyone let it slide and didnt let it ruin our good time together.  My boys met family they had never seen and found out that they had more family right here in Texhoma. 

Porras Family

Don't they look great?!?!

Kage just loves Adrain!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Color Run

We got the chance to run in a color run in Tulsa with some great friends.  There were tons of people and lots of bright colors.  It was a nice to run with no times to be worried about just great times with friends.  I was really excited because it was the first run Robert was involved in.  He ran with us and unfortunaelty him and Mark finished before Myranda and I.  It's okay because next year Myranda and I are going to beat them.  It is definately a run we will have to do again!!!

Our cool shirts we had made

Love this girl!!!

Pre race pics

Post race!!  Check out our cool socks!

Nice and sweaty

Mark had the most color on him!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Our summer vacation this year was in Steamboat Springs.  It was right after school was out and it was hot here but there it was still cool.  The nights were breezy and we made smores around a campfire.  We enjoyed our family trip so much.  The boys swam in a natural hot springs and we hiked up to see a beautiful waterfall.